Level 2 Restrictions for Auckland while Police spread the Virus

I was recently stopped by the gestapo and ordered to show my papers. This was not in Germany during the war, or in Russia, or China. This was in NZ, Auckland, Rosebank Rd, Today. Auckland is currently in level 2 Covid restrictions which dictate that business must operate with 2m social distancing and gatherings areContinue reading “Level 2 Restrictions for Auckland while Police spread the Virus”

Crisis: Health, Economic or Constitutional?

Everyone accepts that we have both a health and an economic crisis. There has been much written about how these two problems have or should be balanced. The mishandling of both problems is a constitutional crisis which has been in the pipeline for years. The NZ constitution is pretty simple and a bit vague butContinue reading “Crisis: Health, Economic or Constitutional?”

facebook: The hero who saved so many lives in NZ

So, i may have had a few drinks And this is an undeniable consequence of the covid lockdown So I was thinking when the NZ Government advertisers covid 19 on facebook right in my face as a unavoidable banner when I open my page, what happens? Do they pay facebook a bunch of money? HowContinue reading “facebook: The hero who saved so many lives in NZ”