The hard and early lie

Jacinda and Ashley implied that a new covid case was detected yesterday and they immediately went to Auckland level 3 by midnight the same day. She then went on to say that going “hard and early” was best for “the team” and the self congratulatory comment that “hard and early” had served us well inContinue reading “The hard and early lie”

The problem is

The granddaughter who I was conditioned to be reluctant to cuddle due to either actual law or social conditioning was (perfectly legally) posting some dance moves on whatever media and proudly asserts she has 37 likes in the space of about an hour. I write all this stuff over hours that could save our nationContinue reading “The problem is”

Goat is on the loose again

Jacinda and Ashley let me escape again today And I was dumbstruck by what I saw out there: Mcdonalds……..There are queues, with no social distancing. Are these people idiots? Are they on the wage subsidy? Do they worship Jacinda? Are they stupid? I went Paddleboarding off my private jetty in the calm waters of theContinue reading “Goat is on the loose again”

Stupidity of Travel Bans

I have previously written that the government was too slow to Quarantine travellers, to Quarantine the elderly, and to order ventilators. Ashley Bloomfield has said a long time ago that he would announce progress on sourcing ventilators. Nothing has been said since so I guess they are not coming any time soon. This is grossContinue reading “Stupidity of Travel Bans”

“2064” by the Goat

This is a novel I have started to write. Publishing rights are available and payment will be required in gold bars delivered to a secret location in outback Australia. Perhaps the top of Ayers Rock where they will be safe because no ones allowed to walk up there. Cast Big Sister (BS), later required toContinue reading ““2064” by the Goat”

Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery is being touted as the saviour of our economy because it gets business going again without a health risk. Which is fantastic if it were true. The point of this article is to advocate that opening a wine shop has far less risk than all the “contactless” stuff that is going on. TheContinue reading “Contactless Delivery”

Slogans of Covad

The PM’s favourite slogans to rally support of the sheep to her policies are “hard and early” and “the best health outcome is the best economic outcome”. She uses both to congratulate herself on how well she is doing. However both statements are completely meaningless, they are just rallying calls to motivate supporters. I knowContinue reading “Slogans of Covad”


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