TV Adverts are an essential service???

Has anyone noticed the new post covid lockdown adverts that are appearing on TVNZ? People are doing their marketing for when business can open which I totally support but the problem is that someone appears to have been filming this during the level 4 lockdown. Now I’m not one to say “you can’t do that”Continue reading “TV Adverts are an essential service???”

The Biggest election bribe in History

The Government has made a big deal about how much it is helping people and business to get through the lockdown, but really how much of it is relevant or helpful? Most of the packages relate to a deferred payment rather than a permanent hand out and they mostly involve payment of additional interest. ManyContinue reading “The Biggest election bribe in History”

The Commerce Commission

Up until a few weeks ago the Commerce Commission had power to ensure fair trade and restrict the formation of monopolies which eventually result in high prices due to lack of competition. It currently has no power to stop the terribly destructive business restrictions which are enabling monopolies and destroying other business. In short theContinue reading “The Commerce Commission”

NZ Was a democracy

I have to agree with Peter Dunne, Parliament must resume. Please read his very good report here . Just a month ago we were a democratic functioning society. Then 5 nutters at Otago university guessed a few percentages and published a report saying many people will die and suddenly we have massive unemployment andContinue reading “NZ Was a democracy”