Level 2 Restrictions for Auckland while Police spread the Virus

I was recently stopped by the gestapo and ordered to show my papers. This was not in Germany during the war, or in Russia, or China. This was in NZ, Auckland, Rosebank Rd, Today.

Auckland is currently in level 2 Covid restrictions which dictate that business must operate with 2m social distancing and gatherings are limited to 100 people because there is a risk of Covid spreading in the community. We are told to work from home if possibly and in general to avoid all social contact if it is not necessary.

The Police who are charged with enforcing public safety chose to set up a road block in Rosebank Rd creating a queue of traffic. It transpired that the sole purpose of stopping motorists was to check their licence (no breath test or other questions, 11am). I asked “Why do you want to do that for?” and the response was “some people try and drive on other peoples licence or without a licence”. I handed my licence to the officer who was within 2m of me and had no mask or gloves. He would have handled thousands of licences from other potentially contaminated people who could have passed the virus to him and he could have passed it to me. I have been driving in NZ for decades and not once have the Police ever stopped me at a roadblock for the sole purpose of checking my licence.

My point is simply this. If the virus is circulating in the Auckland community, the Police should not be assisting it to spread, absolute stupidity!. If the virus is not circulating in Auckland, Why are we at level 2? Either way, its extremely stupid.

The reason why this is happening is because the public have largely supported the breaches of freedom that they perceive to be necessary to save their lives. Most of these new laws or regulations have been implemented by Ashley Bloomfield under the auspices of the Health Act, but in fact the level 1 to 4 restrictions were made up by civil servants in the MBIE and ratified by Ashley. These include such things as I can go boating in level 3 but not “motorboating”, in level 4 I can go walking but not paddleboarding in enclosed waters and many such other dogmatic rules. Civil servants love the power and will be reluctant to give up there own sudden sense of importance when this is over. Police identity checks is just another example of something they would like to have the power to do but in the past the public outcry would have made it unacceptable. Now they think they can get away with it, and they hope this will make it acceptable to the public in the future.

As the ex president of International Union of Socialist Youth, Jacinda loves the power transfer to the state that all these bizarre rules not considered by Parliament has created. She encourages civil servants to push out the rule boundaries.

Its long overdue for people to voice their concerns and oppose these state controls.

The Goat is on the loose and looking for a nice vege garden to raid.

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