Goat is on the loose again

Jacinda and Ashley let me escape again today

And I was dumbstruck by what I saw out there:

Mcdonalds……..There are queues, with no social distancing. Are these people idiots? Are they on the wage subsidy? Do they worship Jacinda? Are they stupid?

I went Paddleboarding off my private jetty in the calm waters of the harbour. Yesterday that was a life threatening problem but today it is apparently completely safe. Surprise to Jacinda and Ashley no one died. In fact no one got covid. In fact no one my age has ever died of covid in NZ. The police who have been patrolling the harbor have disappeared.

I saw business really trying to survive but being terribly inefficient. The supermarket was far less restrictive than the wine shop, butcher, bakery and green grocer. Stupidity has dictated that “supermarkets” have a competitive advantage. I listened to the grief.

I tried to buy stuff at bunnings, It was too hard.

I met with the liquidator. He was nice.

I saw uber eats out there on their biggest day ever. Delivering food contaminated by goodness knows how many people in the supply chain. But the Police still gave them tickets for speeding.

I chatted to school teacher. Does that work? Does daycare work?

I refused to cuddle a grandchild. Really?

I drove the northern motorway observing 5 police vehicles checking my speed.That’s even more than normal. Which is fine because we are all going to die of speeding? Not really, no one has died of speeding lately, we are lead to believe that we are going to die by not social distancing and by not adhering to the social lockdown rules set out here http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2020/0069/latest/whole.html.

So why are the Police not all hands on deck enforcing the s70 rules that are going to save lives (JA)?

The answer is that they should be, but its too hard so they are taking easy options to occupy their time. Talks cheap, effective action, not so easy.

And because I have posted the rules above, can anyone spot the heaps of differences between what they say and what Jacinda and the Covid website say? And can anyone actually understand what the legal version says? And does Ashley understand what he signed up for? Or did Crown Law write it and ask him to sign? And who trusts Crown Law? Not the Goat.

The Goat trusts No One because he fears they will capture him again. Off to my secret place.

Published by Billy

Stubborn as a Goat and trying to liberate the sheep

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