Stupidity of Travel Bans

I have previously written that the government was too slow to Quarantine travellers, to Quarantine the elderly, and to order ventilators.

Ashley Bloomfield has said a long time ago that he would announce progress on sourcing ventilators. Nothing has been said since so I guess they are not coming any time soon. This is gross negligence. Are we so stupid we can’t even manufacture a ventilator? Even if we have nothing else to do?

The elderly were quarantined but too slowly and it was not done successfully. The result of this incompetence is that rest homes run by health professionals are the main source of deaths in NZ. If health professionals can’t properly isolate a rest home how can you expect the whole country to be quarantined successfully?

An early travel ban would have stopped infected travellers spreading covid all over the country in difficult to trace ways. This is the cause of most infections. After adverse reaction to not quarantining the borders the Prime Minister using the powers of her puppet Ashley Bloomfield did finally close the borders. But by the time they were closed there were no more travellers coming. The only people coming back were NZers returning home and this is an entirely different problem. Most of them have a home to go to, or are young people coming home to stay with parents or have some other satisfactory isolation plan. So why not have these people fill in a form whilst on the plane asking:

  • Where have you been and questions relating to risk profile
  • Where are going to isolate?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • How may we monitor you? eg phone tracking authorised, phone number of parents and address for police visits
  • Signed statement of understanding and agreement including notice of severe consequences

Once off the plane the excellent responses could be sent directly to their approved isolation plans while the rest go to a hotel for a few days while the applications are better processed and amended to provide adequate security. The worst responses would remain in the locked down hotel for 14 days.

Instead of this we are incurring the substantial costs of hotel accomodation, we are subjecting the inmates to unnecessary mental stress and additional health risks and quite likely contributing to the spread of the virus. Particularly in Australia I have read reports of many people being herded onto buses and held for long periods without proper social distancing and having there bags contaminated more than necessary. The risk of contamination whilst under this “Government care” is probably the greatests risk they will ever have of contacting the virus. These people are being denied the opportunity of properly isolating themselves which may be much safer for many.

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