“2064” by the Goat

This is a novel I have started to write. Publishing rights are available and payment will be required in gold bars delivered to a secret location in outback Australia. Perhaps the top of Ayers Rock where they will be safe because no ones allowed to walk up there.


Big Sister (BS), later required to be called “our beloved big sister” OBBS played by Cindy the lead character and puppet master of “Dr Dolittle”

The tooth fairy, Played by Robbo. Robbo works closely with Dr Dolittle and PakNSav but is not well understood by the sheep. He’s in charge of the MOF.

The Easter Bunny, secretly believed to be “big Sister” herself, however most active bunny roles are played by “Clarky” “Winnie” and “LancO”

Dr Dolittle is played by Bloomy. He is very good at talking to the sheep who understand him and believe every word. However his Health workers do not understand “sheeplish” and rebel. No One has realised that he is actually just a puppet and there is someone else pulling his strings.

Sheep is played by the population of 5 million who regard themselves as a team. They are sometimes referred to as “toothless” because they have given up all their teeth to the tooth fairy in order to buy food.

The Goat, one of the few people who understands what is happening. He is the narrator. Fortunately he climbed up a very high mountain and was able to access the world internet through a secret satelite he had smuggled on board a Rocket Lab rocket and receive the true world news blocked to the sheep.

Important entities

PakNSav, Has sole rights to print money for the tooth fairy.

Mocca, The Ministry of Consumer affairs which took over Police control in order to stop people breaching isolation to get up to mischief.

MOH, The Ministry of Hibernation but later changed its name to PMOD being the Prime Ministry of Dictate.

PMOD, The Prime Ministry of Dictate. The law states that Dr Dolittle may do anything he likes to protect the lives of the sheep. The PMOD pulls the strings that operate the Dr.

MOF, This was the Ministry of Finance but because the “Big Sister” did not know what they did she renamed it the Ministry of Fools.

MBIE, This was the Ministry of Business innovation and employment. As it became obvious that there was no Business, no innovation, and no employment its activities were rolled into the MOF. All employees remain on full pay because it is much better they “stay connected” rather than become redundant.

Idiots Club, Membership is highly restricted but open to any one who wishes to join by public application on the “Big Sister” owned TV station. Announcing oneself as a “Dick” also qualifies. “Big Sister” reserves the right to convey membership by public annoncement in cases of exceptional behaviour. “The Goat” applied for CIC (Chief Idiot in Charge) but was turned down by Big Sister due to prior convictions and an arrogant attitude. The newspeak reason was “overqualified”.

MSD, The Ministry of Social Development. Have employed all of the unemployed lawyers (including the Crown Law ones) in order to develop a policy on what “deprived” means. They expect this project to be completed in about 5 years and then they will be able to develop a policy on what “poverty” is. In the meantime they have given $10 Billion to the Salvation Army to feed anyone who wants it.

MOI, (previously the MOE) The Ministry of Indoctrination was ordered to develop a National Universal Teaching program (NUT) so that all sheep could be educated by internet and remain at home so as not to die. As no jobs are expected they do not teach reading, writing, maths or science but rather communications, kindness, team cohesion, obedience and socialist values.

Human Rights Commission and the Commerce Commission are both bit players. Big Sister gave them a whipping on day one and they went into hiding (possibly in China). They remain on full pay because it is important they “stay connected”

Sigh, a bit player who held the last Democratic opposition post but failed to properly challenge the biggest oppression of civil liberties since Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews.


The plot starts with a Laboratory in China commissioned by a small island nation to manufacture a new viral disease to conduct an experiment in national disruption for the nation. The Laboratory undertakes the research for free in return for the rights to all data and rights to use the virus for other purposes.

The island nation prepares in advance to misleed its residents by gradual take over of the media and by secretly modifying google search engines so that the first 2 pages of search results only convey World news and expert opinion approved by the Government.

Unfortunately the virus escapes to other nations but due to media control the island nation decides to continue with the experiment. The media extensively covers expert opinions asserting that tens of thousands of deaths are imminent unless business is closed and everyone locked up. In a surprise move all of the sheep are so convinced that they are about to die they voluntarily enter their cells. They are given 12 weeks pay and come to believe that the tooth fairy will look after them indefinitely. PakNSav hands out money it has just printed which enables the sheep to buy food. If the sheep show any concern for the economy Big Sister tells them “the best health outcome is the best economic outcome”. This appears to answer all their questions. Any suggestion that Big Sister may have overreacted causing excessive destruction of business is met with “we don’t want to confuse reaction with overreaction”. Instead of any sensible debate on whether there was overaction the sheep are told they are confused. When confused they always chant “Hard and Early” whatever it means, it seems to make them happy.

By this time most of the remaining independent media had gone broke leaving the Big Sister owned media in control of all news. By secret code words BS convinces all journalists/indoctrinators to report favourably on her or sink into oblivion.

Progressively all recreational activities are banned. Even surfers a left over remnant of the free spirited hippie movement eventually agreed with Big Sister that they were endangering lives and ceased all activity.

Big Sister secretly realised that although the printed money kept the sheep happy it did not provide the necessities of life. To solve this problem she sold future voting rights to the President of China in return for the supply of essential goods. BS was essentially an academic and while studying at Puddlesville College was impressed with the views of George Orwell expressed in both “Animal Farm” and “1984”. She implemented “newspeak” almost immediately but was reluctant to implement the rest of Comrade George Orwell’s ideas for copyright reasons. A thousand page Crown Law report concluded it would be unwise to copy George’s ideas too closely but the reasons could not be understood. When George’s copyright ran out on 31 December 2020 she immediately adopted the restricted and permitted activities as the law by notice under the Health Act. All other laws were then cancelled as being unnecessary and the Health Act was renamed the Prime Minister of Dictate Act 2021. She stages the death of Dr Dolittle who is deeply mourned by the sheep. She then appoints herself as the new Dr Dolittle so as to take over the powers of the Health Act. Crown law was deemed not an essential service and transferred into the MOF.


“our beloved big sister” died on 1 april 2064 of a previously unknown virus that caused swelling of the head to such a size she could not breath. Ventilators had been banned in 2020 because more people needed to die to keep the deaths up for scaremongering purposes. The country went into a compulsory year of morning. The president of China used the 100 billion votes accumulated to vote for “our saviour baby N” as the next Dictator. Baby N was secretly conceived prior to the last election ever held in 2017 and is the first citizen of the new world to be fully indoctrinated in the national universal teaching program (NUT). She is multilingual knowing both newspeak, sign language and te reo.

The writer stresses that this book is entirely fictional and any likeness of any of the characters to any actual person is entirely coincidental. I don’t intend dying till at least 2064 so copyright in this material remains to Dec 2114 unless Big Sister requires my early demise.

The Goat, running for the hills

Published by Billy

Stubborn as a Goat and trying to liberate the sheep

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