Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery is being touted as the saviour of our economy because it gets business going again without a health risk. Which is fantastic if it were true.

The point of this article is to advocate that opening a wine shop has far less risk than all the “contactless” stuff that is going on. The wine shop is a pretty simple transaction, pick up a bottle, scan it, scan a credit card and walk out. With all the protections against covid that a supermarket has. So why make business hard for the wine shop, the butcher, the bakery and the green grocer? Perhaps someone wants to enhance the supermarket monopoly?

Lets compare this relatively safe transaction to the supposedly much safer contactless options. Firstly you phone or email it in and various people at the other end are in contact with both the phone and the keyboard. They then pick your item which has previously been handled by untold unknown people prior to its supply to this online store, and package it for delivery. Your item is now contaminated with any disease within this premise including anything transferred in the supply chain. Then the courier gets it. This could involve one van to pick it up, handling in a depot, transfer to air freight with more handling, delivery at the other end to a depot, courier to final destination. Each courier is really busy at the moment so the vans are full of stuff so your package is rubbing up with germs from multiple different sources. Total number of contacts which could possible affect your goods is in the hundreds. The wine bottle? Much less.

Even worse You could order takeaways. Phone it in, safe. They pick up the phone handled by various staff, spread. They receive food from various sources, cook it and get it to a delivery person. Whew, how many people contaminated that in the supply line? Without doubt it is everyone in the food prep place plus quite a few others. Then like all other contactless deliveries it goes to some form of courier. And the Uber car or whatever is probably nearly as bad as the courier van.

I am a big fan of getting the economy going and support contactless delivery on the basis that the economic benefit outweighs the health risks. But think it through properly and open whatever retail is equally as safe. You can get a WOF for your car but you can’t test drive a new car because that’s more dangerous? Stupidity, and an economic cost without health benefits.

We have a health problem, we have an economic problem. We also have a political incompetence problem but most people have not yet realised. The third problem is way worse than the first two. And the politicians in charge are going to make the health and economic problems worse. Hows this for starters. Keytruda a lung cancer drug was scheduled to be funded because it saves 1800 lives per year but it is no longer to be funded because of budgetary restraints. So maybe the value in preserving those lives is say $100,000 each? But the covid lives $5m or so?

We need wisdom not stupidity. Lets bring back old mate Murial from Animal farm.The wise old Goat.

Published by Billy

Stubborn as a Goat and trying to liberate the sheep

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