TV Adverts are an essential service???

Has anyone noticed the new post covid lockdown adverts that are appearing on TVNZ?

People are doing their marketing for when business can open which I totally support but the problem is that someone appears to have been filming this during the level 4 lockdown. Now I’m not one to say “you can’t do that” but there are some quite serious issues here.

If I’m right that filming and editing adverts in the lockdown period is illegal then those who break this rule and go ahead with airing the illegally filmed advert are going to get the jump on their competitors and enjoy better profitability than those competitors who comply with the law.

Another problem is that the Government has banned the publication of various advertising mediums like the bauer publications with the result of them going broke. However the fact that bauer and the like are out of business or still prohibited from publishing gives the Government owned TV and other media a much greater market share which is pretty close to being a monopoly or at least the dominant power.

So not only is the Government owned media taking over revenue potentially available to closed down competitors but it is facilitating the screening of adverts which it knows have been illegally filmed. And taking the money.

And there’s worse stuff here. Some of the adverts are supermarkets. I accept that supermarkets are an essential service and are permitted to open in order to feed the masses so they don’t die of starvation. BUT do they really need to advertise? Is that an essential service? or even an essential auxiliary activity? The Government has given them all of the business previously enjoyed by liquor shops, butcheries, green grocers, takeaway outlets and restaurants so they are making record profits which they are saving until they can purchase their next Aston or Riviera. Does New World really need to advertise so they can gain some of Countdowns business. When the Government granted them rights as exclusive suppliers of food to sustain the nation I don’t think advertising to gain even greater market share was part of the deal. I think TVNZ should provide equal advertising time for free to all those small liquor shops, bakeries, green grocers who have permanently lost market share to the supermarkets. I know its not going to happen because “Fair” is not part of the Governments covid response but it needs to be. Because gross unfairness leads to rebellious actions. And that gets ugly.

I am interested in comments from media experts, is this really happening or is the Goat just running scared?

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Stubborn as a Goat and trying to liberate the sheep

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