Anzac Celebration

Monday is a holiday to remember and celebrate the soldiers who fought to free the world from the tyranny of Hitler. World leaders took massive risks with many lives to secure the freedoms we once enjoyed

Leaders in both Australia and NZ will use various powers to dictate what level of freedom we will have to celebrate this day. The restrictons on personal freedom are likely to be much less in Australia than NZ and that is partly because Australia has a less powerful Health Act which requires much more democratic political input. In Australia the restrictions on movement seem to require some level of agreement amongst state and territorial authorities at both Government and Health official level. In NZ our Health Act dates from 1956 and gives the Director General of Health absolute power to restrict our movements as soon as his power is triggered. His power is activated either by agreement with David Clark or the issue of either an epidemic notice or a state of emergency being declared. Once he has restricted our movements it is solely up to him when he removes the restrictions and the level of freedom he permits us. The Prime Minister has put up a pretence of Parliamentary involvement but that does not change the fact that Ashley Bloomfield holds extraordinary power. What is really happening is that the PM is using him as her puppet and without proper authority is usurping his legal powers to herself.

The Democracy that Anzac soldiers fought for is not operating at the moment.

Anzac day could well be celebrated under the level 4 lockdown rules with NZers enduring the most restrictive controls ever imposed by a NZ Government since world war 2.

Lets hope we have small cause to celebrate with an alert level drop to 2 or 3. I may be permitted to go for a swim on Anzac day but perhaps just a rock climb because I’m not allowed to start a new sport

Update at 7pm…… apparently I may not go swimming on Anzac Day. Lucky the soldiers at Dunkirk we’re not restricted by stupid rules!

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