NZ Was a democracy

I have to agree with Peter Dunne, Parliament must resume. Please read his very good report here .

Just a month ago we were a democratic functioning society. Then 5 nutters at Otago university guessed a few percentages and published a report saying many people will die and suddenly we have massive unemployment and an extra $50 billion of debt. We were governed by the collective wisdom (????) of Parliament but now by a rather odd bunch of 6 individuals. There’s the Prime Minister who spent a couple of months as opposition leader before rocketing up to Prime Minister status before telling us she was pregnant (not saying there’s anything wrong with that!).

Her partners in crime are:

Peeni Henare who I have never heard of before but is apparently the Minister of Civil Defence did as she was told and issued the state of emergency notice. This notice gives quite a bit of power to Sarah Stuart-Black, another civil servant I have never heard of before. It also helps to activate Ashley Bloomfields powers under the Health Act.

David Clark and Ashley Bloomfield who together with the PM issued the epidemic notice and more importantly the Health Act notice which grants all power to Ashley Bloomfield. The brand new Police commission also gets wide powers. David Clark was absolutely hilarious by being responsible for issuing the Health Act notice then fessing up to media that he was an idiot. Unfortunatley he was tossed off stage before he could entertain further. Ashley Bloomfield has done a fantastic job of talking to organised media conferences but I’m not sure he’s had time to do anything else. Apparently he’s done so well, they want to appoint him NZer of the year before nominations close.

Its this group of people who with no financial expertise or understanding of financial consequences who have conspired to close the country down and block parliamentary debate by misuse of emergency powers.

The misuse of emergency powers is evident in the lies we are being told. The legal basis for closing commercial premises is the s70 Health act Notice issued by Ashley Bloomfield and perhaps authorised by David Clark (certainly nothing to do with Cabinet). That notice may be withdrawn at any time by Ashley Bloomfield simply cancelling it or modifying it to allow some premises to open as perhaps in level 3. But what we are repeatedly told is that Cabinet will make that decision not Ashley. Problem is that Ashley is the only person with that power.

Cabinet has no power to make that decision. Because the relevant Government Ministers have activated emergency provisions the relevant Civil servants have been granted the unfettered power to manage the emergency, not the Government. That is the whole point of the emergency legislation. The Government needs to but out and let the Civil servants do what they have been authorised to do. If they are not happy with this, they need to cancel the emergency provisions and start governing through the normal democratic process of Parliament.

The PM is manipulating the law to avoid the inconvenience of Parliament and democratic process and instead use Civil servants as puppets to give effect to her dictatorship.

Unfortunately the sheep love being told what to do. But the Goats off! Good to see some goats taking over queenstown too!

Published by Billy

Stubborn as a Goat and trying to liberate the sheep

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