How many lives did I save today?

We are being manipulated by lies. We are constantly barraged with “save lives by staying at home” , we are a team of 5 million united together to save lives etc etc.

But how true is this? and how many lives are saved? or destroyed?

It started with the Otago experts who scaremongered us into believing that 27,600 NZers were going to die and since then we keep being told there are tens of thousands of lives at stake. But thats all a lie, it was a prediction based on level 2 precautions which would have been foolish to leave as is. Totally different projections could have been made if level 2 was maintained plus proper quarantine of inbound travelers plus Quarantine of over 65s plus purchasing ventilators. My modelling shows that with these measures in place the likely death toll would be less than a thousand and the majority would likely have died of something else within weeks anyway.

If you want to be completely truthful about the situation, we are not saving any lives at all. Lets forget “expert” prediction and mathematical percentages and accept some undeniable facts:

Fact 1 – We will all die. In 150 years not a single person whos is alive now, will still be alive

Fact 2 – Over 5 million people die each year. It can’t be stopped.

The most we can hope for out of any Covid measures is to “delay death”. A more important question than how many lives were saved is how many people were we able to delay death for? and by how many days?

We may then be able to estimate the number of people we delay death for and the total number of days of extra life we have given them. We can then compare that to two other important facts. The first is the massive cost per day of life gained. The second is the diminuation in quality of life of the generations that will be paying for this.

Why is the PM lying to us? Its a popularity contest, telling people they are saving lives makes them feel good, telling them they have “delayed death”, not so much. Communications 101, The sheep love it. The Goats off!

Published by Billy

Stubborn as a Goat and trying to liberate the sheep

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