Can’t Do

The PM thinks we are a team of 5 million united together to save lives. I have already written about the saving lives bit being false.

AND we are not a team. This lockdown is breading hate, malice and division.

Everyone who dislikes me has repeatedly told me ” you can’t do that, you can’t do this” they love the power they’ve been granted to control me. Lots of little small minded policeman. I hate them for it and hate even more the rules that empower them.

Even my friends and family have resorted to the “you can’t do that, you can’t do this” and I resent that as well. The mindless bickering does not build a team, it creates division.

And so does the economic unfairness of the lockdown. Wage earners employed by Government or beneficiaries of the wage subsidy are financially OK but those made redundant or business owners suffer catastrophic financial loss. Employers are in conflict with employees, business is in conflict with suppliers and landlords, Children are in conflict with parents. Everyones drinking too much. The Courts will be deluged with cases, delays will cause further frustration. This is not a team, it is every man for himself, fighting for survival.

The Social cost of this division is perhaps worse for our country than the massive economic cost.

If the lockdown doesn’t stop, lets at least get rid of the stupid rules. I am going paddle boarding off my front lawn next week, no matter what. If anyone says “you can’t do that” I’m gunna need mental help.

Published by Billy

Stubborn as a Goat and trying to liberate the sheep

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